MED LAW Consulting, LLC has been named Top 5 Legal Nurse Consulant Companies by Attorney at Law Magazine!

Thank you for ranking us as one of the top 5 Legal Nurse Consultant companies in the US! In addition to our Expert Matching Services, our certified Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs)  are available to assist in all things to support you in your legal cases.  It is a true honor to be recognized for what we love to do.

LNCs can help behind the scenes with attorneys to build stronger cases. We can provide chronologies, identify gaps and medical record tampering, prepare demonstrative evidence, and opine on nursing standards of care.  Our LNCs are the best at what they do and will help you with the nursing and medical aspects that you need so that you can focus on your case.

We are truly honored to be recognized for doing the work that we love to do.