Following are a few highlights of projects to date:

  • Connected attorneys to hundreds of nationally renowned medical experts for their cases.
  • Reviewed case and opined on breach of standard of care for medical malpractice defense firm.
  • Assisted personal injury attorney in case involving a rear-end collision, resulting in elbow surgery.
  • Assessed merits of slip and fall case; advised attorney not to pursue the case, based on medical findings that were inconsistent with the mechanism of the fall.
  • Reviewed, summarized and assessed strengths and weaknesses for personal injury law firm regarding several cases.
  • Reviewed case with attorney and opined that the standard of care was not met in a medical malpractice case.
  • Discussed active cases with malpractice plaintiff attorney explaining what issues of the cases needed further examination.
    Why MLC? Reputation. Integrity. Expertise. Award Winning; Physician Led; Honest Opinions; Expertise; Quality; Informed Experts.