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MED LAW Consulting, LLC offers Concierge Medical Expert Matching.


Are you a medical professional interested in working as a Medical Expert?

Amy Fogelman, MD is the Founder of MED LAW Consulting, LLC which provides Concierge Medical Expert Matching to law firms nationwide. Attorneys contact her to discuss their cases, and Dr. Fogelman locates qualified experts that match the attorney’s needs.


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Dr. Fogelman will screen your credentials and may contact you with additional questions. Only qualified applicants will be included in her Database.

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If your expertise matches with an attorney’s needs, then Dr. Fogelman will contact you to see if you are interested in the particular case. If you are interested, then you will be introduced to the attorney by email.


If you are retained by counsel, you keep all your fees and handle your own billing. 

All Experts are expected to provide services in good faith, to the best of their ability, and at all times consistent with the AMA Code of Medical Testimony Code of Ethics. 

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